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Phone Repairs - In and Out of Warranty Repairs

To send your in or out of warranty mobile phone in for repair, just follow the simple step by step guide below. If your phone is out of warranty, please click here for a repair estimate, and then follow this same guide.

Step 1

Back up all data on your handset and remove your SIM card and memory card. Only send your charger if the fault is charging related.

Step 2

Click on the repair form link to complete the quote estimate. Once you have agreed the to the quote, print off the reference page to send in with your phone, if you do not have a printer please include a copy of your reference number with your phone.

Step 3

Package your phone securely and send it to FoneFix. FoneFix cannot be held responsible for loss or damage whilst in transit. We recommend that you utilise a secure facility for sending your phone in for repair.

Step 4

Once received, your phone will be assessed and checked by a service engineer. If we think the cost of repair is greater than the initial quote, we will be in contact prior to commencing repair. After repair, a member of the FoneFix team will contact you for payment of any applicable repair charges.