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What Repairs can we do?

FoneFix has been providing mobile phone repairs for over 17 years. The experienced gained over these years has enabled FoneFix to provide a first class mobile phone repair service to customers. Our mobile phone repair service includes Smartphone, iPhone & Samsung repairs.

The FoneFix repair service is backed up with BSI certification ISO 9001. This provides peace of mind that the processes and procedures followed by FoneFix are independently audited and certified as being following best practice.

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iPhone Repairs

Apple iPhone repairs by FoneFix provide an economic alternative to sending your iPhone back to Apple for repair. Smashed digitizers, touch screens and cracked LCDs can all be repaired at FoneFix and for an additional charge you can have your phone back in 24 hours.

Our iPhone repair prices are also often cheaper than the excess that is charged by mobile phone insurance companies. iPhone repairs cover all models, please note we are unable to repair iPod Touch.

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Smartphone Repairs

FoneFix provides a first class mobile phone service. FoneFix are able to fix the majority of Andriod devices including Samsung and HTC plus many more. We offer a 1 year guarantee on repairs made.

Anything from smashed digitizers, cracked LCDs and all other touch screens to run down batteries, FoneFix is the best choice to ensure your device is returned in optimum condition. Using the latest device? FoneFix work tirelessly to fix devices as quickly as they change!

What are FoneFix not able to repair?

  • Extreme Liquid damage - FoneFix are not able to repair phones that have been catastrophically damaged by liquid or moisture. Liquid damage that has permeated the phones inner electronics will deem your phone to be Beyond Economical Repair.
  • Damaged printed circuit board (PCB) - Often when a phone is dropped this can result in the PCB being bent. This type of damage renders the phone Beyond Economical Repair.
  • Blacklisted Handsets - FoneFix are unable to repair handsets that have been reported lost or stolen and blacklisted by the networks.

If a phone is beyond repair or the estimate is refused there will be an inspection charge of £10.