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Recycle Your Mobile Phone and Battery

We appreciate that we have a responsibility towards the environment and try to meet these responsibilities in our day to day actions. Recycling a phone and battery is a positive step towards a greener lifestyle.

Why recycle your mobile phone?

It's estimated that there are up to 90 million redundant phones in the UK - more than one phone for each person. And this number continues to grow as we upgrade to new models when our contracts expire. Today, mobile phones have an average lifespan of less than 18 months.

Recycling a redundant mobile phone has many benefits:

Have you got an old phone and battery lying around? Why not recycle it....it couldn't be easier!

Simply call in at our York repair centre and drop your phone* and battery into reception. Alternatively, package your phone* and battery and send free of charge to -

FoneFix Ltd
YO31 7ZX

Please make sure that you include a note advising you wish the phone and battery to be recycled.

*Remember to remove any SIM or data cards before sending your phone and battery in for recycling.